From the moment you join UPMA's dynamic team, you can be certain that you are not left alone to figure out your career. The development of every staff member is very important to us – helping you to grow helps us to become better at what we do.
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The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer will be responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation, research, and learning framework of the Organization. He/she will develop a systematic monitoring framework to improve the qualitative and quantitative evidence gathered by UPMA. He/she will also provide technical assistance to UPMA member facilities, particularly in relation to monitoring and reporting.

Communications Officer (Volunteer/Intern)

The communications officer is a key function responsible for maintaining positive relationships between UPMA and its clients as well as the public using various communication channels as may be deemed appropriate. The key areas of responsibility will be but not limited to: Strategic Communications, Marketing Communications, Digital Strategy, Digital Asset Database, E-mail Marketing, Digital Fundraising, Social Media, On-line Presence, Media Appeals, Brand Management, and External/Off the line Media Presence.

The purpose of this volunteer role is to build and strengthen the capacity of UPMA and its membership in Adolescent friendly maternal, sexual and reproductive health services, essential new-born care and project management through trainings, on the job coaching, mentoring and support supervision. You will lead in the initiation and implementation of various UPMA project activities, provide technical advice and support implementation of policies and procedures.

Please find below trainings available to our members. 
Please contact us for more detail.

Cervical & Breast cancer screening

Training by UPMA trainers

Training programme on HPV and the prevention of associated diseases.

Family Planning

By UPMA certified trainers

This outlines the long and short term FP methods. Emphasis is put on the methods of application, side effects and counselling techniques for clients.

Partograph plotting

By UPMA trainers

One of the key elements of saving mothers' lives is the use of a partograph in deliveries. Our trainers refresh members on the use of a partograph during delivery.

Business Management

By UPMA  trainers and business consultants

Business management skills are one of the core elements for a successful clinic. UPMA endeavors to have its members have access to these skills to have profitable clinics.

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