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This year’s health camp was held at UPMA secretariat in Mengo. This was done with support from KCCA and Mengo hospital where over 130 patients were served on that day with services including malaria testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening, family planning, Non communicable diseases (Diabetes/blood sugars, Hypertension), HIV Testing, Antenatal care, health education on Hepatitis B among others. Private midwives created visibility of their services to a wider community and provision of free services to the community brought a big impact to the association.

The general secretary Prossy Nansubuga noted that most of the mothers deliver from private facilities ,it is necessary for the government to provide free drugs like folic acid, ferrous and kits for screening HIV, syphilis and sickle cell. The midwives noted that it is important for an expectant mother to get enough folic acid because it helps to prevent neural tube defects such as spinal bifida and anencephaly (which affects the brain), while ferrous is used to treat iron deficiency anemia.

Patient story: Aisha Bukirwa who was suffering from malaria said she used this chance to get free treatment. The midwives have saved my money which I was going to spend on treatment


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